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October 01st, 2016

Kennel Cough

A very responsible client/owner cancelled her cheeky pups start this week on her vets suspicion of Kennel Cough.  The name of the condition is deceiving as it is easily transmitted between any infected dog when it comes into contact with another (in the park, on the river path, sharing a water bowl outside the coffee shop).  While most get over Kennel Cough in a week or so with nothing more than a hacking or reverse cough it can be a particularly nasty ordeal for pups and seniors.  If you have any concerns please phone your vet (rather than walking in the door with a dog that could be infected).  During the symptoms stage and for at least three days after we are unable to take your pup/dog and will decline service at the door if we suspect your dog is infectious.  We suggest you chat to your vet for more information or options on immunisation (it is not one of the standard annual vaccinations), and is a requirement of dogs staying for sleepovers or attending a kennel.  It’s not as bad as it sounds but can be very disruptive to owners!

If you are already a client of Acres 4 Dogs and your dog requires an ‘at home service’ please remember our new ‘Off-site’ service – call Ian or David to discuss - 02082137073







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