Puppy Day Care in South West London

Our unrivaled facilities cater for pups of all shapes and sizes.

Exercised and (equally important) rested for their age and breed ability our guests learn how to be sociable, balanced and fun loving pups – personality and behavioural traits that they carry through to become happy adult dogs!

Our facilities and processes are designed to accomodate pups as soon as their booster vaccinations are affective.  This is usually around 11 weeks - your vet can advise you.

We have created a fun and secure environment where they can play safely with other pups and, under our expert guidance, learn from sociable adult dogs. All pups and dogs are supervised at all times. 

Acres 4 Dogs Puppy Day Care also helps puppies to overcome anxiety when left alone at home (yap a lot!), rein in any overly boisterous tendancies and simply make them more eager to be a part of the balanced pack (not least you your very own family pack!). A balanced pup at home and in the park is a pleasure and your pup will develop into a socially aware dog at home, when out with the family and with other animals.

If you have yet to choose your breed or are having some basic training issues with your pup by all means pick up the phone for some tips and guidance.  A happy owner makes for a contented pup!

Call David or Ian and make an appointment to visit our Puppy Day Care Centre today.

Busy owners and new owners can have balanced, socialised and very very happy pups...

Some pups come to us because it is possibly the best way for them to became sociable, confident and balanced. Most come to free up their owners - where time constraints are such their pup will be at home and alone too long. 

While you manage your hectic work/home life your pup can have the best of all worlds.

How it works

Your pups day on the Acres begins with home collection in one of our air-conditioned, crated fun buses.

We hold keys and codes for all of our client's homes so don't worry if you leave super early! 

Then make the short journey to our fabulous Acres.

We’re very experienced with pups specific and individual needs, assisting in their development to healthy, happy adult dogs.  

Now the fun begins! A fantastic day of socialisation, stimulation, frolicking in the paddling pools, tumbling and playing. Rest is as much a part of their day as is play - we cannot over emphasise the importance of rest in their development.

Your puppy will be dropped home after school suitably tired and very content! If only they could tell you all about their day!

Puppy socialisation and training

Socialisation and basic training are paramount in the development of any pup into a well-balanced adult. 

There is no better place than at Acres 4 Dogs for your new pup to continue its socilisation journey and, in turn, a pleasure to include in all family life and activities. 

We only accept sociable adult dogs so, whilst pups will play together, we also ensure that your pup is safely introduced to dogs of all shapes, size and age.  Your pup will learn as much from sociable and balanced adult dogs as we humans can teach them!

Pups quickly become confident and comfortable around larger, older dogs - and younger pups alike. Not so long ago many of aforementioned "older dogs" were themselves cheeky pups in the Acres creche!

Read more about our training philosophy. 

Caring for your puppies health

A new puppy in the house is very exciting but they tend not to have a pause control - they stop when they’re overtired not suitably tired!

Unregulated exercise can mean too much impact on young joints and ligaments therefore managing exercise and intensity is paramount.  

We are super experienced in caring for youngsters and across all breeds.  We know the importance of the correct level of exercise and managing your pup's play and rest time very carefully. Managing pups exercise levels is paramount to growing into a fit and healthy dog.

Most pups have a lunchtime feed (supplied by you) and to aid digestion they are always rested and alone during and after eating.

A good many of our flourishing, fit and healthy adult dogs came to us when they were just 11-week-old cheeky pups!

Puppy facilities at Acres 4 Dogs

Always under the eye of teacher they will enjoy:

  • Acres and acres of lush paddocks
  • Frolicking in paddling pools
  • Haybale castles!
  • The canteen cabin.  Pups are fed and rested seperatly at lunchtime.
  • A toasty purpose built barn where pups play during the wetter or chilly months.
  • The custom built warm shower 'dog wash' and towel drying room before coming home on those wetter days
  • The in-paddock cabins for shade in the summer or for shelter in quick downpours
  • An abundance of shade in all paddocks and of course - a never ending supply of fresh water throughout


As all Puppy Day Care service providors should be, we are insured for public liability and third party liability as well as other 'belt and braces' eventualities!

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Their care for the dogs is superb.


Simply the best available doggie day care.

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